Probate Attorney in El Paso, TX

Understanding estate planning

Estate planning services in El Paso, TX can be confusing, especially if you've never dealt with them before. Here are the basics:

  • Wills - Documents that detail a person's wishes for their property after death.
  • Trusts - Documents that detail how property will be distributed before or after death.
  • Probate - The legal process of handling wills and trusts and distributing property to beneficiaries.
  • Will contest and litigation - The legal battle between beneficiaries who disagree on terms.

A probate attorney can help you deal with any aspect of estate planning. Choose attorney Barber as your guide by connecting with him today.

Make Sure Your Loved One's Assets Are Distributed Fairly

Make Sure Your Loved One's Assets Are Distributed Fairly

Daniel Barber in El Paso, TX can walk you through the probate process.

When a family member passes away, you're left with a lot of legal questions. Who are the beneficiaries of the estate? Did the deceased have a will or a trust? Get help with these questions from a probate attorney in El Paso, TX.

The Law Offices of Daniel Barber offers comprehensive estate planning services. Attorney Barber knows the ins and outs of probate law. He can handle your loved one's estate after they've passed or help you create your own estate plan. From wills and trusts to litigation and probate, rely on the Law Offices of Daniel Barber.

Talk to attorney Barber now to begin working on your situation.