Immigration Law in El Paso, TX

Defend Your Rights As an Immigrant

Defend Your Rights As an Immigrant

Rely on attorney Barber for immigration law assistance in El Paso, TX

As an immigrant, it can be tough to navigate a new home country, especially when it comes to the law. You have the right to defend yourself in court if necessary, and that's where attorney Barber can help.

The Law Offices of Daniel Barber is here for you. Attorney Barber understands immigration law and can help you obtain asylum, citizenship or work visa status. He can also defend you in court if you're facing immigration issues.

Don't give up your rights. Allow a local immigration attorney to assist. Email today to schedule a consultation at the El Paso, TX office.

How can an immigration attorney help you?

Legal problems can crop up for anyone, including immigrants. A local immigration attorney can guide you and your family through:

  • Deportation proceedings
  • Citizenship or work visa applications
  • Legal troubles as a noncitizen

No matter your situation, trust an attorney in El Paso, TX who's knowledgeable in immigration law. Speak with attorney Barber today.