Family Law in El Paso, TX

Attorney Barber can assist with any family law matter

Family law covers a lot of different situations. Let a professional family law attorney help you through yours. Attorney Barber can work with you on:

  • Paternity tests
  • Protective orders
  • Divorce proceedings
  • Child custody situations
  • Child support or custody modification

Don't deal with filing for divorce or fighting for custody without the help of a professional lawyer. Reach out today to discuss your situation with a local El Paso, TX attorney.

Keep Your Family's Best Interests in Mind

Keep Your Family's Best Interests in Mind

Hire Daniel Barber in El Paso, TX to handle your family's legal issues.

Going through legal issues within your family is never easy. Aside from the emotional stress, you have to deal with legal costs and time spent in family court. Luckily, the Law Offices of Daniel Barber can provide the legal guidance you need.

Attorney Barber is the family law attorney for you. His knowledge of family law and his passion for helping people guide him through every legal assignment. Whether you're filing for divorce or changing child custody terms, trust a skilled lawyer to help.

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