Criminal Defense Attorney in El Paso, TX

We have experience handling the following Criminal Charges:



Assault - Family Violence

Aggravated Assault

Criminal Trespass

Criminal Mischief


Sexual Assault





Evading Arrest

Resisting Arrest


Don't Fight Criminal Charges Alone

Don't Fight Criminal Charges Alone

Trust a criminal defense attorney in El Paso, TX to assist

Criminal charges are serious. The penalties range from hefty fines to long prison sentences. If you need a DUI attorney, burglary lawyer or representative for any type of crime, rely on the Law Offices of Daniel Barber.

Attorney Barber knows the criminal laws of El Paso, Texas and the United States. He can craft a defense for you that puts you in the best light possible. No matter your situation, trust him to stand up for you against these charges.

Put your best foot forward in the El Paso, TX court of law. Hire the Law Offices of Daniel Barber for your defense.

What to do after criminal charges

Your criminal defense begins the minute you're charged with a crime. If you're accused of a crime, you can:

  • Request to speak with an attorney
  • Ask for specific information on the charges
  • Remain silent until an attorney speaks on your behalf

Whether you need a DUI attorney or a criminal lawyer for another situation, turn to attorney Barber for help. Reach out now to get started on your criminal defense.